Francoise lautier • France/Hong Kong

Francoise Lautier was born in the sixties. A Hong Kong based artist, Françoise has exhibited her works in some of the prestige's galleries throughout Asia. Francoise was a Doctor in Dental Surgery, practiced Paris. When she moved abroad with her husband, Influence by the Asian culture, and her hidden talent in art began to emerge. The passion for painting eventually took an important place in her life. Inspired by her travels in Burma, Laos, Thailand, Tibet, China, Bhutan and Indonesia she promotes spirituality through colorful and vivid paintings. Her expression of Asian lifestyle takes shape in different forms, whether on canvas or ceramics. She combines various original media in her work such as papers, gold leaves or curry powder to strengthen the meanings of her art. Lautier's paintings reflect the energy, the movement, the breath of the earth, plants, and beings. Contemplating the floating flags, feeling the wind, connects to the universe. Lautier's devotion and energy are intricate through vibrant colors. Praying flags float in a wind blowing through the trees. Monks walk peacefully in luminous surroundings.