You Si 游思 • china

The son of a Chinese Political propaganda poster artist. You Si came of age as an artist in post-Mao China and New York City, producing paintings full of vibrancy, imagination, and freedom, in complete contrast to the circumscribed propaganda his parents were made to produce. Exploring every nuance and possibility of ink on paper, You experiments with eyedroppers and paintbrushes to create his large-scale, lushly detailed works. Whether monochromatic or full of color, not an inch of space is left unfilled in his compositions, which burst with abstract patterns, shapes, and forms that simultaneously recall psychedelic visions, dense jungle dreamscapes, and the cells, muscles, crevices, and organs inside the human body. You considers each of his works a “mental universe”—they reflect his own exuberant artistic and thought processes and lead viewers down imaginative paths of their own.

His style:
Chinese ink on rice paper, Stains/Washes, Contemporary Chinese Ink, Gestural Abstraction, Automatism, Abstract Expressionism

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