James Delaney • South Africa

A Johannesburg, South Africa artist, well known for his love of the city of Johannesburg, and curated the AFAR Experience from the United States to the city. James have painted all his life and have worked at various outstanding lithographic studios, including The Artists Press and The Artists Proof Studios in South Africa, and RBPW in New York. 

His signature series Autumn Acacia: The Acacia is the classic tree of Africa, sometimes called the umbrella tree because of its shape. It’s a thorn tree, loved by giraffes and resting place for birds. It’s a tree of elegance and quiet, and if you’re on the African plains, the only place of shade.

This lithograph makes use of oriental line drawing techniques, with the trunk, in particular, referencing the style of Japanese calligraphy and was created using a traditional calligraphy brush. 

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