Alexander Kargaltsev  • Russia

Alexander Kargaltsev is a Russian-born, Brooklyn-based artist, writer, photographer, actor and film director who was granted political asylum in the U.S. in 2010 on the grounds of LGBT persecution in his native Russia.

Photography has been Alexander’s passion since his boyhood. He works in all photographic media, including with film, video and digital images, but he is especially fascinated with Polaroid. Alender's recent works, the one-of-a-kind emulsion transfer photographic artworks portraying male and female nudes utilize a meticulous process invented by the artist of manually removing and resetting Polaroid emulsion onto a new background.

The nudes are shown from multiple viewpoints; their bodies no longer sum of their parts. Kargaltsev uses this treatment as a metaphor for dismemberment and defenselessness of human dignity.

"I always respond with my art, with my photography, with my projects, so I keep fighting,"
Alexander Kargaltsev

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