Klaus-Peter Vellguth • Germany

Klaus-Peter Vellguth was born in Berlin Germany. Working as the head of the lithography department in the most prestige’s print workshop in Berlin Germany. It is in this creative environment Peter developed his unique artistic style unmatched, and seldom attempted by other artists. 

He created his work based on black and white photography on Pearl papers or canvases, combined with silkscreen, and then fill the surface by hand drawn arts before applying color individually to each piece. 

Peter approaches his work through the perception of simple situations. He transferred his observations into forms that hold a complexity easy to miss at first glance. Deeper examination of his work reveals a deep understanding of the human condition. 

Peter draw his Inspiration from Flemish masterpieces, from the Flemish collection at the RiKj art museum in Amsterdam, Holland. His work infused with delicate Asian influence and German sensibilities. Colors and imageries, layers that create a feast for your eyes, the series "The Feast of Oktober in Contemporaries" is a perfect example of the balance.

Peter had been exhibited his work with the Raab Gallery continuously in Berlin since 1992 and gained respectable reputations as one of the well-known artists in Germany. The long association with Raab Gallery let to a recent opportunity in the JR Gallery also located in the city of Berlin. He USA, the debut show held at E-Moderne Gallerie, Philadelphia, PA, USA 2014

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