Fernando Rangel • Colombia/USA

Fernando Rangel Abstract Expressionist artist was Colombian Born and raised in New York City. Rangel has had a successful career creating art for Advertising, Editorial, and Book publishing industries in addition to selling portraits and landscapes. Working for the famous international artist Jeff Koons since 1996, he managed his painting studio for five years and is currently a senior painter at the studio.

Currently, Rangel is exploring the nature of Abstraction using Watercolor, Oil paint, and Acrylic in conjunction with photography and computer media. The recent artworks explore nuances captured in the playful gestures of watercolor on paper, he hopes his experiments help to expand the extraordinary depth and breadth of the Abstract Expressionist moment. 

For over 20 years a devotion to painting traditional realism has been my passion. There was a shift to abstraction when I realized the limitations of humanity’s five senses. I wanted to explore the subconscious and consciousness itself through Art. 

Turning to Photography has enabled him to reexamine light, color, and traditional media in a new way. He paints with watercolor on paper, composes and crop through the camera’s macro lens and lights the sheet in different ways. 

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