Lan Cheng 蓝成 • China

Lan Cheng (蓝成), was born in a small village in southern China. The natural beauty of southern China landscape and the traditional rural village life shaped his childhood and played many influences in his later works. His first taste of modern city life came after he finished school in the village and entered the police academy to become a police officer, a dream job for many Chinese youths.

His assignments led him to patrol different parts of the city. The everyday chaotic scene of Chinese cities, the conflicts and interactions of humanity fascinated this young artist. Out of boredom from the patrolling routines he began taking snapshots of his surroundings; not knowing that in the west being a photojournalist is a respectable profession.

After a while merely capturing images on film no longer satisfied his urge to be creative. He acquired a computer and begun to experiment by digitally manipulating images, but this only captured his fascination for a short period. He began to feel restless and unfulfilled. Around 2012-2013 Lan took a bold step to abandon his photography altogether to pursue a painting career. The painting medium introduces him to a totally new frontier of exploration.  

Lan’s approach is fresh and uninhibited; his work displays the complexity and weaknesses between nature and humanity. He is currently experimenting with different styles he feels that the best way to share the visual message in his abstract work is to engage the best form and style that is best to express his message instead of conforming to a single school of style.

Lan’s works are compelling and engaging, at first glance it is unmistakably influenced by the visual language of Western abstraction style, closer examination one can see the influence of traditional Chinese Philosophy deeply embedded in each piece. E-Moderne Gallerie is proud to present the first US solo show of Lan Cheng’s opening on Sept 4th, 2014. Please join us for this introduction to the artist and his meaningful works.

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