Luiselotte Ziackova • UK

Luiselotte Ziackova was born in Slovakiais.  An emerging artist based in rural South East England. Her lifelong passion for art, her eye for the curious and unexpected in everyday life, along with a career in psychiatry that has spanned two decades, give her work a unique quality.

Her work is expressive and visceral, exploring a wide range of concepts primarily through abstraction and using the quick drying of acrylics to form dynamic and metamorphosing paintings, in a process that seeks to find inner balance for the artist and connection to the viewer.

Lui's paintings find a playful way to dissect and abstract human nature. Similarly to Joan Miro, She explored the Surrealism, of the subconscious mind, a re-creation of sometimes the childlike, and a manifestation of Greek mythology in their imagery. Lui's mature artistic style interpreted the significance of subconscious imagery and sought to establish the “greater reality” of the human subconscious over reason invite the viewer to discover the secrets of their inner Self.