Beyond Boundaries

Zheng Lianjie

May 7 – Jun 11

Asian Contemporary Master work Solo Exhibition.

About the Exhibition: Beyond Boundaries
A cross-cultural experience, break down the traditional boundaries,
defiance the established opinion of Eastern and Western abstracts. 

The swipes of brush like an accomplished acrobatic tumbling, swinging,
dancing like a dragon and Swirling like a phoenix. The Skillfully illustrated picturesque abstraction
of the Mount Hau (华山) and cloud required artistic maturity, agility, and coordination.
This series of Abstract Asian contemporary ink painting is presented by
Chinese Master painter Zheng Lianjie 鄭连杰, in his Solo Exhibition.

Drawn from his NYC experience, Zheng also included a series of brilliantly colored,
lively abstraction based on the garden in Forest Hill (Queens), The switching to a western location
of his subject did little to affect his arts, a testament to Zheng's masterful work
cannot be confined by tradition and boundaries.


About the Artists: Zhang LianJie  鄭连杰
Born in Beijing, Zheng is a Chinese contemporary artist, active in performance art, installation, photography, contemporary ink and video art. Zheng Lianjie is a representative figure
in Chinese contemporary art and artists working abroad, especially North American since 1996.
Zheng, who grew up in China during the Cultural Revolution and in the 1980’s,
turned from traditional forms of painting to installation art and performance-based work. 
In the early 1980s, Zheng spent three years at Palace Museum in Beijing
studying traditional Chinese painting. In 1986, Zheng founded
one of the earliest painting schools in Beijing. 

Following the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989. Zheng began to become known
for his subversive and critical stance toward conservative artistic language and
pursuit of a new independent and individualistic style.

Zheng immigrated to the United States in 1996. While he continued to explore
the experimental side of contemporary ink painting and calligraphy,
between 2004 and 2008, Zheng Lianjie returned to China once a year to make a pilgrimage
to the holy Taoist Mount Hua. An experience that would have a profound impact
on his ink paintings and calligraphy from this period.

Zheng’s work has been included in numerous exhibitions, Symposiums
and public art projects held all over the world. During the 2000s, Zheng Lianjie delivered
invited talks and held exhibitions at Harvard and Columbia.
His work has also been featured in major media outlets such as The New York Times
and collected by museums, galleries, Universities and several international private collectors.
In 2012, Zheng Lianjie was named as United Nations Messenger of Peace in LinZhou,
China in recognition of his distinguished achievement in the art field. 


Sample of Artist's work