Sold to the Highest Bidder

Sold at the NYC Starfish Gala auction was two of the Baobab tree limited edition lithographs from artist James Delaney. The Gala was a fund raising effort to support children orphaned by AIDS with education, healthcare, and child-protection services for South Africa. Internationally renowned artist Jeff Koons were among the artists participated. 
The last two limited edition prints numbered 16/20 of the Baobab trees series is available at the Gallery. Contract gallery for detail.

Artist info.

Carnevale di Philadepie opening

Thanks for your overwhelming support of last night's opening and artist reception for Carnevale di Philadepie. 
If you cannot make it to last night's opening. The exhibition will remain in the gallery until March 1st.
More photos and video on our Facebook page.

2015 Season opening exhibition, Carnevale di Philadephie opening this weekend Jan 31stat E-Moderne Gallerie. Show here Patron Heath Arnsperger & artist Vasil Anastasov helping to prepare the gallery. Art show here by artist Inna Race.

Gallery in the press

Any article on the gallery's direction on 2015 was in the Temple News last week. 
this is a follow up release.

Gallery on the move

In 2015 gallery will be looking for more opportunity to expand into Hong Kong and China, there will be more exciting news in the future. For the time being the gallery is close for the month of Jan and I am on an exploration trip in Asia.

The story of the Shino Bowl

Diane Gale
Ft Townsend, Washington, artist. 
Ceramic influenced by Traditional Japanese Technique

This wood fire bowl is an excellent work of art for your home. It is easy to be captivated by the beauty of her classic shape, the skill of the craftsmanship and her functional value.

The artist used Shino glaze in the interior of the bowl, a stable and traditional glaze used historically by Japanese ceramicists. 

The marks were made by dipping two individually dried weeds brushes; each of them in a different glaze, and spontaneously brushed in a precise sweeping motion inside the bowl. This action can only apply once. The brushes cannot be reused, and the glaze cannot be reapplied.

The darker color is created using the iron saturate Japanese glaze Tenmoku.  The red color, which added a touch of modernism to the finished bowl, is difficult to achieve in a wood-firing piece because the firing process often turns the color to grey. Therefore, the placement location of the art inside the kiln becomes critical. The pre-fired piece must be placed in the area of the kiln, most likely to suffer from consistent oxygen deprivation. 

This bowl contains no harmful chemicals in the clay or glazes; it is safe to use as a functional serving piece or decorative art.

A stunning collection of Gifts from the Earth

Thank you for making the opening of The Gifts from the Earth such a success. The energy and the arts speak for itself. I like to thanks our patrons for their support. Your exquisite taste on the selection will grace your home for this holiday season. Our gallery artists spend the evening greeting the media and Patrons. I hope everyone got their question answered. There will be video of the artist to follow in a few weeks and picture will be online soon. 
Please come visit us at the gallery soon.


Announcing Nov 15 exhibition opening

E-Moderne Gallerie

is proud to presents 

The Gifts from the Earth

Clay, Wood and Portraits.

A unique collection of works by artists pushing processes, materials, and techniques past the edge of their disciplines.

Opens on Nov 15th - Dec 28th

Open Reception Saturday, Nov. 15th  6-9PM
RSVP Requested

A New Video release

Dear friend of E-Moderne Gallery. 

If you have not been able to visit the current collection at the gallery. The current exhibition will remain on view till Nov 8th. 
We are open from Wed- Sunday from 11-5:30 and on Monday and Tuesday by appointments only.

Below is a link to the video highlight of the current show: The Berlin Abstractions: The feast of Oktober in contemporaries.
Although it may be a good alternative to get a chance to see the work before your visit, it is hard to see details of any piece of art in a virtual environment. 

Come visit us this weekend.

Here is a link to the virtual show.

Best Regard

Sharing news from the art world

United state is not the only country getting large-scale installation exhibitions by famous Chinese artists like artist Al Wei Wei. His current exhibition of Alcatraz in San Francisco is scheduled to open September 27, the exhibition already generated rave reviews and international attention before the exhibition is open on sat.

To read more about the Alcatraz exhibition follows / followed links / a link / the link.

Http , //

In UK, They also got their share of international spotlights on their recent large-scale exhibition offer a fresh view of the modern China contemporary arts.


Asian contemporary is the new frontier by collectors globally. E-Moderne Gallerie in Philadelphia is proud to be standing in the forefront of the current movement to present to Philadelphia a new kind of Asian focus abstract contemporary arts. If you have not visited the gallery before, may we invite you to visit us at 116 Arch St in the Old city art district of Philadelphia.

The current exhibition “Let The Hundred Flowers Blossom” will not promise to take your appreciate of contemporary abstract to another levels.


E-Moderne gallery in the news.

E-Moderne art Gallerie is being featured in a full page article in the Metro Chinese weekly . Read more on the English translation.

Asian Contemporary Art in Philadelphia.

A privately owned modern art gallery wishing to introduce Asian contemporary art to Philadelphia launched in the Old Art district recently.

 When Chinese art comes to mind people always link the art to ancient paintings, porcelains, and jades. In the west the term Modern "Asian Contemporary Art” is relatively unfamiliar and often misunderstood by many art enthusiasts. However many modern contemporary artists from Asia have achieved prominent international status. Perception of the majority of art enthusiasts in the west view Asian art as "politically inclined", "imitating Western art", " Plagiarism” and as having "limited foreign markets". Besides artists like Ai Weiwei (艾未未) and Zhang Daqian (張大千), there is little awareness of the recent developments of the Asian art movement. A new contemporary art gallery, E-Moderne Gallerie, wants to buck this trend, bringing awareness to the current development & understanding of Asian (Chinese) contemporary arts.

A contemporary solo Chinese exhibition "Let the Hundred Flowers Blossom" by artist Lan Cheng opened last week. Lan Cheng is an emerging modern abstract artist from Guangzhou, China. The title of the exhibition represents Chinese modern art "flourishing" in the United States.

Our reporter attended the press reception. They observed that at first glance Lan's work resembles western abstracts, but soon discovered the artist's personal stories, their life and sentiment, beneath the surface under layers of thought. In the painting titled "The Cow" on red canvas, the artist uses abstract integral contours to depict the body of a cow and a green silhouette of a human to demonstrate the relationships between man and beast. The artist wants to express that cattle make physical sacrifices, life itself, for our survival, and yet are never a subject of attention and appreciation by their owner. (Contact the gallery for a more in depth story of this piece of art).

Another example, titled “Journey”, is a very colorful painting in the abstract form. The artist painted colorful Chinese character graffiti's on oddly shaped shoes, composed together to illustrate a baby being carried on the back of his mother on a journey to visit his grandmother. 

Gallery founder, Edward Fong, shared with us that Mr. Lan Cheng is an emerging artist with limited experiences in the world of art and is still searching for a style. His use of art materials may not fit the taste of many western collectors unfamiliar with Asian contemporary art. But the choice of subjects demonstrates Lan’s unique artistic abilities. This is an exhibition that should not be missed. 

Edward Fong also told us that Lan Cheng attended police academy in the Guangxi province in China after college and became a police officer. Due to his love of photography he often took snap shots whilst on street duty. He began to experiment with painting a little more than a year ago, but met with little success in China because he is not an established artist. The mission of E-Moderne Gallerie is to provide emerging artists from Asia, or foreign artists with Asian influence in their arts, an opportunity to exhibit their work in the United States, and at the same time to generate interest and understanding of modern Asian contemporary art, Fong said.

In addition, E-Moderne Gallerie also has a collection of well-known international artists in the lower gallery exhibition space. The majority of the work by these artists show Asian influences. For example, Philip Hua, a Vietnamese/American digital artist, digitally recreates the work of Asian masters and has been printed on the actual Wall Street Journal. Mr. Hua is well on his way to becoming an international artist star. At the time of press he is in line to win the prestigious "Young Master's Prize” in the UK.

From Cape Town, South Africa, pointillism artist Gavin Rain has created hundreds of brightly colored 3-dimensional dot portraits of notable personalities (Nelson Mandela, Elizabeth Taylor and Princess Grace Kelly). His work is currently also on view.

Fong is not only interested in introducing contemporary Asian art to Philadelphia. He sees the artistic & commercial potential of Philadelphia too. He said that in recent years Chinese contemporary art has become the hottest product of the international auction market, not only in China, but also around the world. (Contact the gallery for more details).

In the past the work of Asian contemporary artists has fetched prices much lower than their western counterparts in auction houses around the world. However, as Western collectors have discovered Asian contemporary art and China has relentlessly promoted home grown artists, there has recently been an ever growing number of Chinese art collectors. The Asian contemporary art market is expanding at a rapid pace just as the auction prices surge ever upward, continually setting record sales at auctions. In October 2013, Contemporary art (The Last Supper) by modern artist Zeng Fanzhi (曾梵志) set the record for the most expensive Chinese Contemporary art sold at Sotheby's auction house at $230 million. Other well-known contemporary artist, Zhang Xiaogang (张晓刚), known for depicting revolutionary era family photographs, and the slightly wild, caricatured style work of Yue Minjun 岳敏君, were also sold at record breaking price at auction. Large auction houses like Sotheby's, and Christie's have grown their business in China rapidly, propelling the Chinese art collectors market to become the 2nd largest market in the world just after United States.

Christie's Chinese market saw a 40% growth of profits in 2013. Besides the success at auction, Chinese arts and Asian (Chinese) contemporary arts are also receiving renewed attention from art museums around the world. For example, the Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition of "Ink", the Armory Show of New York City 2014 opened a China Pavilion, Sotheby's New York presented the seminar "Focus on China" and Paris Muse d 'Art Moderne presented a Zeng Fanzhi exhibition. Meanwhile, many cities are in cooperation with China and their artists to bring exhibits of Chinese contemporary art to their cities. Asian contemporary art is destined internationally for the main stage.

Modern art has always been controversial, and many people do not understand it’s value, because the concept of art seems vague. It is certain that the status of Chinese modern art is rising steadily. This may result in more opportunities for Asian artists and for their works being shown around the globe. As Fong said, "I did not open the gallery to take advantage of the work of these artists. I only hope their works are being seen, understood, appreciated and encouraged. That is my vision". There are millions of artists that may never get a chance to be shown in a gallery. I am sincerely hoping to give them a chance to exhibit their work at E-Moderne Gallerie.  It may open some doors for their future work being accepted and exhibited in their own country.


Sept 10, Wed Sketch group returns

E-Moderne art Gallerie is please to announce Mr. Santiago Galeas will join the Sketch Group as my co-host.

Santiago is a recent graduate from Philadelphia institute of fine art. His art works are in high demand in the Philadelphia area, he is currently working on a couple commissions.

Santiago is highly skilled in his portrait painting and drawings. Here is his current web site:

Wednesday’s sketch group is a social event. Just relax and have fun. The cost is $20. We will supply you with art supply and some wine. BYOB is welcome.


I know some of you have expressed interest in the figure drawings. Santiago will be a perfect fit to host this group. However, figure models are very expensive. I need to have total commitment before I can venture into that area. I will have sign up list for those who are interested on a Sunday afternoon figure drawing group at the gallery. A deposit is required

The new and improve club offers include:

1.   Wednesday after work sketch and sip

2.   Sunday afternoon figure drawing (Deposit and RSVP required)

3.   Fun drawing for team bounding

4.   Model drawing for (Birthday Party)

5.   Model drawing for (Bachelorette party)

For more details, please contact the gallery @

 RSVP at 267-928-2123