The story of the Shino Bowl

Diane Gale
Ft Townsend, Washington, artist. 
Ceramic influenced by Traditional Japanese Technique

This wood fire bowl is an excellent work of art for your home. It is easy to be captivated by the beauty of her classic shape, the skill of the craftsmanship and her functional value.

The artist used Shino glaze in the interior of the bowl, a stable and traditional glaze used historically by Japanese ceramicists. 

The marks were made by dipping two individually dried weeds brushes; each of them in a different glaze, and spontaneously brushed in a precise sweeping motion inside the bowl. This action can only apply once. The brushes cannot be reused, and the glaze cannot be reapplied.

The darker color is created using the iron saturate Japanese glaze Tenmoku.  The red color, which added a touch of modernism to the finished bowl, is difficult to achieve in a wood-firing piece because the firing process often turns the color to grey. Therefore, the placement location of the art inside the kiln becomes critical. The pre-fired piece must be placed in the area of the kiln, most likely to suffer from consistent oxygen deprivation. 

This bowl contains no harmful chemicals in the clay or glazes; it is safe to use as a functional serving piece or decorative art.