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United state is not the only country getting large-scale installation exhibitions by famous Chinese artists like artist Al Wei Wei. His current exhibition of Alcatraz in San Francisco is scheduled to open September 27, the exhibition already generated rave reviews and international attention before the exhibition is open on sat.

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In UK, They also got their share of international spotlights on their recent large-scale exhibition offer a fresh view of the modern China contemporary arts.


Asian contemporary is the new frontier by collectors globally. E-Moderne Gallerie in Philadelphia is proud to be standing in the forefront of the current movement to present to Philadelphia a new kind of Asian focus abstract contemporary arts. If you have not visited the gallery before, may we invite you to visit us at 116 Arch St in the Old city art district of Philadelphia.

The current exhibition “Let The Hundred Flowers Blossom” will not promise to take your appreciate of contemporary abstract to another levels.