Chantal Westby • France

Internationally acclaimed French Abstract artist works and lives in the United States and France. Chantal Westby creates a natural, energetic world of whimsy on her canvases. 

Chantal Westby's recognized internationally for her neat and clean use of lines in her works. It expresses an evocative feeling of vigor and vivaciousness. With a sumptuously controlled color palette, these works are graceful in their spiritual fluidity of rhythm and measure. Imaginative and meticulous in skill, they sparkle through the artist’s nuanced approach to the outside world. 

Translated and inspired by the poignant artistic vision, Westby’s works evoke the timeless beauty, articulated in her purity of form and line. The brilliant color palette of gold places us in the tangible the Shapes and compositions whisk us away to a deeper, mystical place. Her works come alive for a diverse audience. At once ardently personal and uniquely universal infused with a touch of Asian influences.