Dimitri Staszewski • USA

Dimitri Staszewski is an emerging documentary photographer & audio engineering. His work began with an opportunity to record and document the disappearing musical traditions of nomadic herders in Mongolia and evolved into broadly capturing and showcasing both urban and rural experiences.

Between 2015 and 2016, Staszewski received a Fulbright-mtvU Scholarship to continue pursuing his recording work throughout the countryside. He lived among the herders for extended periods of time, which allowed Staszewski to expand his artistic and ethnographic practice to include photography and writing.

Staszewski observed that time passes seasonally for Mongolian herders as they live alongside their animals. “Thoroughly capturing life in the countryside takes time, the passing of seasons, and a willingness to slow down and wait.” Staszewski hopes his images leave viewers curious about Mongolian herding cultures, open dialogue, and foster understanding.

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