Edward Evans • USA

American painter Edward Evans' work, visually is stunning.  The degree of illusion he achieves through his mastery of airbrush techniques is unique and different than the work of other traditional artists.  Airbrush has always been sneered at by fine artists as being a tool for lowly advertising illustration.  Score one for Evans for using it to invent a style both lush and stark.  Nowadays, with digital manipulations rampant, there is no technique disallowed, but he has been painting with the airbrush for over 30 years.  His subject is Chinese text.  He writes about his mental processes involved in the art making; uses a computer to translate from English into Chinese; and creates optically baffling renderings of the texts seemingly inscribed into (rather than onto) fluttering or crumpled tablets, papers or cloth.  He invents the imagery purely from his imagination.  Conceptually, it is most intriguing that he is not at all interested in calligraphy.  The characters are copied from the rigid mechanical fonts of his translation program.  These ironies create layers of contradicting ingenuity that adds up to more than meets the eye.  

Christopher Chambers
NY ARTS, Vol. 11, No. 5/6
May / June 2006

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