E-Moderne Gallerie ... Reality Revealed in Philadelphia, PA 

“First is the passion, then the dream. Conquer the obstacles, and reality will arrive.”
Edward Fong

In the rare hours of free time during my adult life, I have been a painter in the style of the Modern Impressionists and an art lover. My dream of E-Moderne Gallerie started during an extended overseas assignment in China as a Creative Director in art for an International Marketing and Advertising agency, capping a twenty-five year career in the advertising world.

During that time, I was captivated by the beauty and philosophy of Asian contemporary arts. I met many artists across Asia and came to understand the challenges they faced. Most of these artists have devoted their life to creating modern art in countries only recently open to such creative expression. The chance of their work ever being shown in a formal art gallery, or being recognized beyond the town or city they live in, is as remote as taking a flight to the moon. These tickets are reserved only for the fortunate few.

I began to develop a commitment to creating an opportunity ... an opportunity for these talented underserved artists. The idea of coming home to create an art gallery, to serve these artists was born. My mission is to exhibit their work in the United States in a proper gallery setting, likely a rare exposure within their lifetime.

The process of running an art gallery to promote unknown artists is a time and capital consuming business. But I believe everyone deserves a chance. If these artists around the world are so passionate about their art, then I should create a gallery to help them reach their dream and hope that at the same time I realize my own.

Upon my return, I did an extensive search across the United States and decided that Philadelphia was the perfect place for this dream to become a reality. The challenge for a new start-up in any field is to persuade others to take a risk with you. In my case it is to convince these poor artists to part with their precious creations and send them to an unknown world for exhibition in a new gallery with no patron. Hoping that strangers will give their work and E- Moderne Gallerie a chance.

The dream of a physical gallery space has become a reality since June 2014, but I still have a long way ahead of me introducing this alien idea to the city of Philadelphia. I do not want to wake up one day and admit the dream has failed. I would love to have you visit ... to get to know you, to talk about art, answer questions – simply share with me your passion for art at E-Moderne Gallerie.

You will find my staff and myself are always eager to greet you.

Come visit us at 116 Arch Street, in the heart of the Philadelphia Art District.

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Edward Fong, Founder/Director