Gu BenChi 顾奔驰 • China 

Gu Benchi 顾奔驰 Born in Shanghai in 1979, currently living and working in Shanghai.  A self-taught artist who started his career as a designer. In his artworks, Gu has chosen the Polyester Yawn as his principal medium, because Yawn as an art medium is underappreciated. It is colorful and Versatile and also relatively accessible in China. 

Gu creates his complex lattices of three-dimensional, multiple layers artworks through pure controlled via a mathematical model and activate the vitality of the line itself. The delicately complex & exceptionally attractive multi-layers patterns, sometimes up to 10 layers in depth with interwinding of lines on each layer of the artwork is blending to create a precision visual of perfection. It is delightful and refreshing.

Gu had exhibited in many galleries all over China. In 2017 Gu was featured in a solo exhibition at the 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong and more recently a two-man exhibition at the ATA Space (Gallery) at the M-50 Art Complex in Shanghai China.

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