Ivan Basso- Trinidad • cuba

After graduating with a degree in finance, Ivan made an abrupt change in careers and began his life as an artist. He studied Ceramic Art at the prestigious Oscar Fernandez Morera School of Art, in Trinidad in the late 1990's.  His work at this period has been honored with numerous awards and tallied an endless number of personal and group exhibitions. 

Feeling the need to expand his artistic horizon, Bosso decided to turn his focus to painting. 
Like most Cuban artist at this period, Bosso turn to satire to mock the repressive condition of the country.  Motivated with strong pacifist convictions, Ivan uses his artistic influence to suggest the absurdity of militarism in a world that should embrace humanities shared passions in love and family.  
In his paintings, the stylized characters and whimsical humor reflect on the simple things that are important in life.

Born 1974 in Trinidad, Cuba

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