José Bruzon Avila-Havana • CubA

The paintings of José Bruzon Avila embraces the history of Cuban abstractionism, and by his work, evolves the national genre into the twenty first century.

His vast iconographic universe, rich textures and suggestions, inevitably grabs the viewer's attention and leads to a plethoric trail of a thousand sensations, all impossible to define. Starting from experimentation with form and color, his paintings draws a colorful map of the human soul, giving priority to emotional perception beyond rational understanding.  Bruzon’s ability to manipulate forms transcends a mere exercise of geometric design. His works draw maps where compasses lose their way, leading us to an elusive land of beauty. In these works, time and space, the subjectivity of the creator and the feelings of those who observe, overlap, intersect, intertwine and complement, articulating a set of senses that absorbs us and delights us, seducing us with surprising ease.

Born on February 11, 1966, in Las Tunas, Cuba.