Karen M. Krieger • United States

Born in 1964 in Boston, MA, Karen Krieger brings to her painting multifaceted interests to guide her work and process, including the Eastern philosophy, Tang mountain poetry, traditional Chinese landscape painting, and calligraphy. Karen has developed her approach to ink painting in which she fuses Western with Eastern in terms of materials, custom made paints, and techniques merged with a Far Eastern aesthetic sensibility.

Throughout her career she has always been drawn to and responsive to the natural patterns and the visual rhythms imbued in natural formations both on the macro or micro scale of her experiences. Within the canon of translated ancient Chinese philosophy, whether applied to brush painting, calligraphy, poetry as well as with her study of movement from tai chi, Karen has educated herself and then strives to apply these principles to her paintings.

Karen’s process is multistep, beginning with a partially guided yet serendipitous flow of ink onto Xuan paper. Originating from the artist’s inner visualization of a landscape, she begins to paint layer by layer in detail with a multitude of materials to form a feeling of mountains, mist, and sky. Karen’s approach is to maintain subtlety and to achieve a feeling of movement and uncontrived naturalness by balancing spontaneity with detail, empty and occupied space. A painting is complete when she feels that this balance and natural expression has been revealed in the work. 

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