Perception illusion

An Eastern Journey

Edward Evans

July 10 – August 18

Asian Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hyper-realism combines with abstraction

Edward Evans  fine Chinese writings are unique and draw you closer for examination,
daring us to connect and become immersed in them and enveloped by them. On first glance,
thinking they are photographs or three-dimensional layerings we are pleasantly surprised that
these are flat acrylic paintings on linen - subtle illusions come about because of the
artist's airbrush technique that has been perfected. Evans' work is clean and crisp, exact
yet not stiff - smooth and inviting. Every part of the painting is given equal consideration and
importance, again showing us the influence of traditional Chinese painting.
For sure these are handsome pieces, full of character and intrigue.

About the Artist

Edward Evans believes that life should be simple but rich in experiences. In a similar way,
the elements of his paintings contain abstract shapes next to hyper-realist illusions.
Combining reality with illusion is not paradoxical. 

Evans Illusion is one of the many shifting realities of life. Images and goals move on
and fade as once they are achieved, they seem different than we had expected.