Let The Hundred Flower Bloom

Mei Xian Qiu

October 19 – November 13

A contemporary photography Solo Exhibition, 
explores fictional vistas in lieu of documenting reality


Internationally acclaimed photographer Mei Xian Qiu, using carefully staged -- yet appearing completely natural - subjects of varying ethnicity according to where she is in her research, she juxtaposes assumptions about ethnicity and custom with Pan Asian, Chinese, and Western motifs. The result is at once prescient and provoking.

Mei’s photographic series, in their premises – hyped to the point of absurdity – and their depictions – deliriously saturated with sensuous and exotic touches -- amplify, distort, and (thus) mock the myriad stereotypes to which Mei herself could be, and sometimes has been, subject.

Mei Xian Qiu has extensive exhibition history globally, including two times participations at Art Basel Switzerland exhibition and the Ping Pong Project room at Art Basel in Miami. Her work has acquired by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, California recently.