Naïve art

Naïve art often seen as outsider art that is by someone without formal (or little) training or degree in art. While this was true before the twentieth century, there are now academies for naïve art. Naïve art is now a fully recognized art genre, represented in art galleries worldwide.

Unlike folk art, naïve art does not necessarily evince a distinct cultural context or tradition.
Naïve art is recognized, and often imitated, for its childlike simplicity and frankness.Paintings of this kind typically have a flat rendering style with a rudimentary expression of perspective. The characteristics of naïve art are an awkward relationship to the formal qualities of painting, especially not respecting the three rules of the perspective. (straight lines remain straight, vertical lines remain vertical, horizontal lines parallel to the base of the picture).

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Cheng Minsheng
Keylin Liu



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