Born and raised in Xi’an, China, Dongze Huo draws on a rich heritage of traditional Chinese arts. The son of an art dealer, Huo learned to appreciate art at a young age. He went on to study at Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, where he earned his BFA in Painting in 2008. Where he first introduced to modern art and the contemporary art scene in the rest of the world, which seemed especially relevant and expressive. He earned his MFA from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where he earned his MFA in Painting in 2014. Huo has participated in numerous exhibitions in the United States.

Huo Dongze’s work rooted on the traditional Eastern, Zen philosophy, expressed in the western style intellectual tradition. Which is the direction reflection of the uncertainties and conflicts he encountered moving to the U.S. 

The profound change Dongze encountered, allow him to explore the transformative connections first hand. Inspired him to follow his create path with a positive outcome. His work is full of optimism, Full of life and color dances on his canvas. His brush strokes not confined to the rigid discipline of traditions. It is spontaneous continuous movement; control abandoned for serendipity. He also uses a broad range of media in his compositions in an exploratory process.

The best sum up of his work is Unfamiliarity to familiarity, rejection to acceptance, a rare combination indeed.