The UNherarlded

Group exhibition

November 19 – December 13, 2015

 An International Group Exhibition Presentation


Melissa Bryant
was born in the Philippines and emigrated to Vancouver, British Columbia when she was nine years old. Since making the United States her home, she has lived in different parts of the country. Melissa’s work is quiet and unassuming. Her daily rituals begin with meditation, prayer, and tai chi, activities that are part of her art-making process. Thus, her art extends beyond the canvas. Melissa's process is slow and joyful; it synergized stillness with faith in hopes an idea will present itself if she is emptied of preconceived abstractions. Much of her work involves a meditative process of repetition and accumulation. Often, she may repeatedly layer a provocative color until certain clarity emerges. While living in Kyoto, Japan, for three months in the autumn of 2015, she studied different sects of Buddhism and their influence on traditional Japanese art. Haiku, Zenga art, and the concept of wabi-sabi inspire her. She is drawn to the concept of ma, a Japanese aesthetic of emptiness, full of possibilities.

Iris Levinson
was born, lives, and works in New York City. She studied Fine Art the University of Manchester. During her tenure as an art student, she followed the path of many artists of her era, and was determined to widen her artistic horizon on a European tour. During the trip, she studied, sketched, explored, and spent hours on observation at museums across Europe. Upon her return to the U.S., Iris spent countless hours at Max's Kansas City, the infamous incubator of the contemporary art world. She met many struggling and emerging artists, many whom had gone on to become the art world's superstars. After Iris got married, her family responsibilities forced her to put her art career temporarily on hold, but the dream of being a full-time artist never extinguished.On 2000, she visited her mentor Knox Martin's class (the geometric abstractionist) at The Art Students League of NY. She knew then that she was ready to revitalize her painting career. She has been painting and exhibiting actively ever since that day in NYC.

Rebecca Jacob
is a homegrown talent from Philadelphia. She graduated from the Moore College of Art & Design in the 1980’s, but she is continuing taking classes at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts as recently as in 2015 to sharpen her skills as a fine artist. Jacob’s art style is Contemporary Abstract Expressionism with American roots. Her work is intuitive and generally pulls from outside circumstances and influences. It is a direct expression of subconscious fantasy with no censorship from intellect and figuration. She continues the tradition of bold color and expressive brushwork. Her figurative series represent the degree to which the demands of traditional figurative painting can be forced into a comprise
with those of modernism and cubism.

Luiselotte Ziackova
is an emerging artist based in rural South East England. Her lifelong passion for art, her eye for the curious and unexpected in everyday life, along with a career in psychiatry that has spanned two decades, gives her work a unique quality. Lui’s work is expressive and visceral, exploring a wide range of concepts, primarily through abstraction using quick drying acrylics to form dynamic and metamorphosing paintings She paints in a process that seeks to find an inner balance for her and connection to the viewer. Her paintings find a playful way to dissect and abstract human nature. Similarly to Joan Miro, she explored the Surrealism of the subconscious mind, a re-creation of the sometimes childlike and a manifestation of Greek mythology in their imagery. Lui's mature artistic style interpreted the significance of subconscious imagery and sought to establish the “greater reality” of the human subconscious over reason invite the viewer to discover the secrets of their inner Self.  “greater reality” of the human subconscious over reason invite the viewer to discover the secrets of their inner Self.