Paul Jenkins • selected works from A private Collection

Paul Jenkins was born in 1923–2012 Kansas City, Missouri. He worked weekends at a ceramics factory as a boy, were watching the master mold maker's handling of shape and color, had a profound effect on his ideas about painting.

In the late 1940s, joining a wave of aspiring painters moving to New York, he studies at the Art Students League and soon met Jackson Pollock and befriended Mark Rothko. In 1953 he resettled in Paris but maintained a lifelong connection with New York.

Paul Jenkins, carried on its highly physical tradition of manipulating paint and canvas, working first with oil paints and later acrylic. He poured paint directly on the canvas, allowing it to drip, bleed, roll and pool, sometimes kneaded and hauled as well as manipulating it with an ivory knife. Jenkins’s sufficiently thin almost translucent streaks and gentle fluid fields of color, with his intuitive, chance-based approach to painting, positioned him as a prominent figure in abstract expressionism.