Quin Stone • United States

Quin Stone was born on June 30th, 1994. As a child he grew up in Louisville, Kentucky a place that is a mix of urban and rural. Stone started to make art at a young age and was inspired to pursue his passion by his great uncle, also a practicing artist. In 2013, he began his studies at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts pursuing the traditional techniques of oil painting. Graduated in 2017

Stone’s drive comes from a place of pure emotion. He believes when work is done in love it is done well.  His interests span representation and abstract painting, and print media. Stone says, “I try to paint what I don’t understand, whether it be the observation or a state of emotion. Trying to put words to something feels so limiting to me, in the sense that you can only use the words that have already been described. Visual art has no bounds and can explain what words could never depict. Through my painting I try to describe what I can’t describe with words.” 

In 2017, Stone’s work started to be inspired heavily from New york’s POP art movement. Taking a much more commercial approach, Quin Stone started making graphic simplistic paintings from photos the artist took himself. Quin States “working through a commercial lens, I think, has allowed me to describe this country’s culture in ways that go beyond words. You look at an add and like it, but you never question who made the ad; you only see what’s in front of you. I try to make my work undoubtedly obvious as to what I am painting.” 

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