Rare Assembly

A group exhibition redefines traditional paintings,
through the artist's dissimilar approaches and imagination

November 5 – December 19, 2016

About the Exhibition: Floating Ink.
A rare opportunity to assemble three artists living in three corners
of the world, their work is dissimilar yet share a common thread

• The dream-like approach glorifies the romanticism
of the Victorian concept that flowers & plants have feelings.
• A contemporary Zen series conceived in the desert, influenced
authentic experiences and spiritual voice, an element for Dissimilar Factions.
• The preview to the work of a Polish artist influenced by the traditional Chinese painting technique infused with the art style of his homeland.


About the Artists
Enrico Embroli. USA - Enrico Embroli, a seasoned Abstract Expressionist, offers new insight and sophistication in his works. Skillfully adapts both sculptural and painterly stratagem, often challenging the customary distinction between painting and sculpture."Embroli has earnestly developed a distinctive vocabulary of forms, both two-and three-dimensional, as well as a striking use of materials. Embroli’s abstract objects of art ask the viewer to engage with the narrative content. Casting fascinating upon the viewer who enters the artist’s imagination in his works. Embroli passionately embraces his vision articulate the spirit and emotions in his works. Some works resonate with quietude and reflection; other express an exuberance of energy and emotion. All expressions weave together the common thread of dialogue and communication. Each canvas speaks with a unique voice and language and invites the viewer to contemplate a discourse. The mixed media works represent a sequential evolution of thought but with a more vigorous exuberance of raw emotion. Using intertwining various techniques and skills, allow each painting to tell a story through the interaction of every component.

Wieslaw Borkowski伟, Poland. Working and living in Shanghai/Hangzhou, China - Born 1989, originates from Pieniny mountains, Kroscienko nad Dunajcem, Poland. Wieslaw earned his BA degree at Warsaw University in 2011 and simultaneously apprenticed in Chinese painting and calligraphy at artist Stanislaw Tworzydlo’s studio. He received a scholarship for advanced Chinese study at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou and a received full MA scholarship in Chinese painting at the prestigious China Academy of Art. His graduate project in 2015 was the Gold medalist winner. The majority of Wieslaw's inspiration drove from profound cultural resources of Western and Asian civilizations. Being a European sinologist and an artist mastering in Traditional Chinese Painting, he feels firm and reliable in conducting the artistic dialogue between Far East and West. A unique feature of his art is that he often uses Chinese Painting techniques, media, and tools. At the same time, he is not restricted by the limitations of what he have learned. Unconsciously, he brings freedom and creativity to this traditional and systematized school of Oriental art. Wieslaw is talented, different from ordinary people 's perseverance and focus; there is a good picture of the impulse and desire. He awarded his first large-scale solo exhibition sponsored by the City of Hangzhou, China. A rising star in the art world. His United Sates debut scheduled in Mach 2017 at the E-Moderne Gallerie. Watch this star rises from the East.

Pai Chiu 邱白, Taiwan, Republic of China - Chinese painter who was born in Taipei, studied fashion design at Garment Association in Taipei,1985. She studied painting with the famous painter Xu min from 1991 and established Talent Arts Center in Taipei,1993. Organized and plabed Russia,Canada, Mainland China, Taiwn, and other famous painter solo exhibition many time. In 1999, She moved to Vancouver, Canada. She studied western painting in the history of the famous Vancouver Art University Emily Carr. The current member of International Chinese Artists Association, The Canadian Artists Associciation, Chinese International Culture and Arts Promotion Association, the World Association of Chinese painting and calligaphy strength, vice president and chief curator of Painting and Calligraphy Institute in Vancouver.