The Dissimulation

A transformation in Asstract

March 4 – April 18, 2017

An exhibition challenged the established East-West
Abstract Contemporary understanding. Showing the impact of the
cross-cultural influence of two different art forms on Contemporary works

About the Exhibition

Paintings in the exhibition come from a series of work that embodied
four distinctly different cultural experiences. The work of Polish artist is living and
working in China, and Columbia artist is living and working in New York City.

Consciously or subconsciously these works of the artist were infused with
the traditional Asian influences, which is hard to explain
without experiencing it first-hand.

These work are romantic, poetic, seductive, colorful, demanding, powerful,
brilliantly conceived and expertly executed.
A show worthy of the dialogue between angels


About the Artists:

Wieslaw Borkowski 白伟, Poland/China
Born 1989, originates from Pieniny mountains, Kroscienko nad Dunajcem, Poland. Wieslaw earned his BA degree at Warsaw University in 2011 and simultaneously apprenticed in Chinese painting and calligraphy at artist Stanislaw Tworzydlo’s studio. He received a scholarship for advanced Chinese study at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou and a received full MA scholarship in Chinese painting at the prestigious China Academy of Art. His graduate project in 2015 was the Gold medalist winner.
The majority of Wieslaw's inspiration drove from profound cultural resources of Western and Asian civilizations. Being a European sinologist and an artist mastering in Traditional Chinese Painting, he feels firm and reliable in conducting the artistic dialogue between Far East and West.
A unique feature of his art is that he often use Chinese Painting techniques, media, and tools. At the same time, he is not restricted by the limitations of what he have learned. Unconsciously, he brings freedom and creativity to this traditional and systematized school of Oriental art.
Wieslaw is talented, different from ordinary people 's perseverance and focus; there is a good picture of the impulse and desire. He awarded his first large-scale solo exhibition sponsored by the City of Hangzhou, China. A rising star in the art world. His United Sates debut scheduled in Mach 2017 at the E-Moderne Gallerie. Watch this star rises from the East.

Fernando Rangel, Colombia /USA    
Fernando Rangel Abstract Expressionist artist was Colombian Born and raised in New York City. Rangel has had a successful career creating art for Advertising, Editorial, and Book publishing industries in addition to selling portraits and landscapes. He has had the honor of managing the painting studio full time with the famous international artist Jeff Koon since 1996.
Currently, Rangel is exploring the nature of Abstraction using Watercolor, Oil paint, and Acrylic in conjunction with photography and computer media. The recent artworks explore nuances captured in the playful gestures of watercolor on paper, he hopes his experiments help to expand the extraordinary depth and breadth of the Abstract Expressionist movement. For over 20 years a devotion to painting traditional realism has been my passion. There was a shift to abstraction when I realized the limitations of humanity’s five senses. I wanted to explore the subconscious and consciousness itself through Art.
Turning to Photography has enabled him to examine light, color, and traditional media in a new way. He paints with watercolor on paper, composes and crop through the camera’s macro lens and lights the sheet in different ways.