Asian Contemporary from Brazil to Tibet

March 12 – April 23, 2016

 Asian contemporary influenced Arts
in The Western Traditional Abstract & Impressionistic Style

About the Exhibition: Transverse
Blending the sensibilities of the Eastern Traditional Paintings with the artistic approaches
of the Western Abstract Contemporaries, the result is a unique blend of Modern Contemporary art
with exceptional result explored by none.
Transverse in the definition: Situated or lying across from one side to another.
Our exhibition borrows the meaning to explain the core style of arts in the exhibition
is not confined to a region of the world where the inspiration comes from or the origin of the artist
and their work, but rather is a blending of both East & West.


About the Artists
Dongze Huo  霍东泽
Asian Abstract Expressionism artist.
Born in 1985 in Xi’an, China, Dongze Huo draws on a rich heritage of traditional Chinese arts. The son of an art dealer, Huo learned to appreciate art at a young age. He went on to study at Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, where he earned his BFA in Painting in 2008. Where he first introduced to modern art and the contemporary art scene in the rest of the world, which seemed especially relevant and expressive for this young artist. He continued his art study in the United States and earned his MFA in 2014 from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and has participated in numerous exhibitions in the United States.
Huo Dongze’s work is rooted in the traditional Eastern, Zen philosophy, expressed in the western style intellectual tradition. His recent works reflect the uncertainties and conflicts he encountered after moving to the U.S. 
The profound change Dongze encountered, allow him to explore the transformative connections first hand. Inspired him to follow his creative path with a positive outcome. His work is full of optimism. Life and color dance on his canvas. His brush strokes not confined by the rigid discipline of traditions. It is spontaneous continuous movement; abandoned restrictions for serendipity. He also uses a broad range of media in his compositions in an exploratory process.
The best sum up of his work is Unfamiliarity to familiarity, rejection to acceptance, a rare combination for a young emerging artist with deep insight and experience in the life melting the East-West culture.    

Francoise Lautier
Franch, Modern,  Expressionism, Impressionism artist.
Francoise Lautier was born in the sixties. A Hong Kong based artist, Françoise has exhibited her works in some of the prestige’s galleries throughout Asia. Francoise was a Doctor in Dental Surgery, practiced Paris. When she moved abroad with her husband, Influence by the Asian culture, and her hidden talent in art began to emerge. The passion for painting eventually took an important place in her life.
Inspired by her travels in Burma, Laos, Thailand, Tibet, China, Bhutan and Indonesia she promotes spirituality through colorful and vivid paintings. Her expression of Asian lifestyle takes shape in different forms, whether on canvas or ceramics. She combines various original media in her work such as papers, gold leaves or curry powder to strengthen the meanings of her art.
Lautier’s paintings reflect the energy, the movement, the breath of the earth, plants, and beings. Contemplating the floating flags, feeling the wind, connects to the universe. Lautier’s devotion and energy are intricate through vibrant colors. Praying flags float in a wind blowing through the trees. Monks walk peacefully in luminous surroundings. The five principle colors in most of her painting (blue, white, red, green, yellow) each representing an emotion the artist felt while painting.

Valmy Rocha Morais
Brazilian Geometric Abstraction, Abstract Expression, Contemporary artist. Valmy Rocha Morais was Born in Itamarandiba, Minas Gerais, Brazil in 1961. He realized his love for drawing at a very young age and had been creating non-stop ever since.
In 1974, he won a full scholarship to the School of Art Panamericana. During this period, he perfected his skill in art production and worked with many noted Brilliant artists like Aldemir Martins, Claudio Tozzi, Manabu Mabe, Pietro Maria Bardi Carlos Scliar, Inos Corradin, Emanuel Araújo, Fang, Glauco Costa.  
Round 1977 Valmy dedicated his work to painting, drawing, sculpture and engraving serigraphs. Building strength and characteristics that are the hallmark of his work. While continuously exploring, experimenting with different aspects of art forms. 
His abstract works focused in Color, texture, shape and forms. Blended seamlessly with the powerful Brazilian influences and the Western abstractions ideal. His conceptual interpretation is unique and colorful, can't help drawn viewer toward his art to closer examinations.
His works included in the collection of the Modern Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro, The Latin America Memorial Museum. The Vienna Academy of Fine Arts and many corporate collections in Europe, and praised by critics throughout Brazil, South America and beyond.