Wang Xiaoshuang 王小双 • China 

Wang Xianshung 王小双was Born in Hebei, China in 1991. Wang graduated from the Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts in 2013 with a BFA degree and an MFA at the Shanghai University in 2016. He is now living and working in Shanghai, China.

Wang Xiaoshuang's pursuit of painting in recent years has been a concern of the overdevelopment condition of the city. His paint wide-angle view of the urban landscape, using his Abstract expressionism technique to integrate his ideas, recording the city's non-stop development moment by moment with from unique perspective, capturing the bustling of a metropolis without skipping detail of the destructions.

In his works, the thick layering technique of dark color paints is delicate yet elaborated. It contains a tragic sense of visual force, and it looks at the picture as if it can see the energy of the city, but also metaphor the pain behind the momentum, showing a hint of pale and depression.

Wang expresses his criticism of the current situation of the city and his concern for the future, through rational thinking, objective and cruel onlookers' perspectives revealed on his canvas contain deep and sincere humane care.

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