Yao Jun Xue 薛耀军 • China

Xue Yaojun was born in Born in Yixing, Jiangsu Province in 1965. Graduated at the Beijing University in 2001, previously live and work in Yixing, China. A region is famous for their handcrafted clay teapot. Now working and living in Beijing China.

Xue focuses on Representationalism arts; He insists on combining techniques and concepts, expressing his inner voice through realistic & impressionistic style. He lives in China; the country embraces the paradoxical environment, where full of tension and harshness. Xue grasps the subtle differences among surroundings in everyday life. He uses surrealism to represent the helplessness, anxiety, depression, struggle, desire and joy he observes from people, objects and incidents in his life. His new series of artwork resonates viewers' feeling of family, hometown, particularly influenced by the simple joy of country life.