Zhai Xuanhong 翟轩弘 • Hunan, China

Zhai Xuanhong , born in Changde, Hunan in 1987, he graduated from the oil painting department of Sichuan Fine Art Institute in 2012. Currently living and working in Shanghai.In his junior year, Zhai spends time working on the factory; he learns to cope with mentally and physically hardship like the masses in the workplace. It is under these conditions, inspired him on his early arts.

After graduation he moves to Shanghai, the opulent metropolis and energetic environment have a lasting effect on Zhai's work. His work show, a powerful metaphor references the modern metropolis. The composition is rich and complicated multiple layers accumulate on each other. His free flow jigsaw technique of tube-like paint looks almost like a pile of carelessly discarded neon lights placed on a flat surface with superb control of movement and color combination. Zhai's using controlled manipulation technique depicting the uncontrollable growth of a city, the endless energy that feeds the activities or perhaps the idealistic desire of individuals all contribute to the explosive growth

Zhai is also experimenting with subtraction, and hidden detail techniques introduced the lightbox as part of his work. These works using white as the primary color staying away from the intense colors. The lite work revealed uncanny surprises and details

In contrast to the "Yan series," he uses flirtatious colors, the elements illustrated seems growing vicariously, struggling to spread in all directions. Like the unchecked growth of modern Chinese cities, he experienced.

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